Emrys Morgan Land Exhibition

Emrys Morgan Land Exhibition

05/04/2017 04:00 PM

Exhibition Runs 18th February to 5th Apr

The Whitaker is delighted to announce our first exhibition of 2017; Land by Emrys Morgan opens on Saturday 18th February with a special opening event from 2pm where you can come and meet the artist.

Emrys' work, spanning five decades, has embraced painting, performance art and film, assemblage and installation. A multi disciplined approach does not ensure diverse exploration but Morgan’s work has been dynamically enquiring of the processes of art construction and the society within which his work evolves.

His painting output has been defined by a highly energised and guttural approach to pictorial narrative, weaving through and layering up an array of contexts, which serve to vent concerns about a world of uncertain stability and shifting/non dependable governance.

Orchestrating complex compositions that pulse prominently & suddenly recede, revealing further associated narratives, his paintings appear to simultaneously chronicle both the past & present. Often laced with wry politicised humour, the work is further energised by his heightened use of bold colour & graphic motif.

His work, including that of performance art, embraces an aesthetic dependent on reactive & instinctive detonation & strives to avoid overly prescriptive & polished presentation. Not governed by fashion or stylistic dogma, Emrys Morgan’s work is not easily pigeon holed or categorised, it is however richly immersed in and aware of art history & popular culture, whilst always remaining highly idiosyncratic.

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