Vibrant Landscapes by Richard Clare

Vibrant Landscapes by Richard Clare

20/05/2017 02:00 PM - 21/05/2017 04:30 PM

‘Vibrant Landscapes’ features award winning landscape artist Richard Clare‘s dynamic moorland paintings of Northern England but also places he has painted over the past 10 years including urban Manchester, London, Scotland, Italy and France.

Richard’s style varies from semi abstract to observational depending on what he is trying to portray, what his mood is whilst painting, even what music he is listening to when painting, but it’s the vibrant use of colour that links all the works together. This is a ‘must see’ exhibition if you love colour!

Many paintings are created from memory or sketches, using colours not normally associated with the British landscape, and often thought to depict the landscape better than real life. Richard says, “Several people have come up to me during previews and said that they know exactly where that view is, although I have created it from memory and I find that amazing. After seeing my paintings they start to see the landscape with a fresh perspective”.

Perhaps even more astonishing is that Richard is colourblind which directly influences his work, but not in a negative way.

“Because I feel I may be missing out on what other people can see in terms of colour, I use my paintings as a vehicle to create my own world of colour” explains Richard.

For Richard the final picture is only one part of the painting process, since he spends a lot of time walking and sketching the landscape, soaking up the atmosphere. Back in the studio, inspired by these sketches and his emotions he paints very quickly to get them down on canvas.

In 2006, Richard and his family moved to Barga, a hilltop Town in Northern Tuscany where they have had a holiday home since 2003. In January 2014 he moved back to Saddleworth where he has a studio, to paint and continue exhibiting his work from galleries in the UK.

Join us on Friday 7th April 7pm to 9pm for a chance to meet the artist who will be on hand to answer questions about this latest collection of works. 

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