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The Whitaker (previously Rossendale Museum & Art Gallery) is set in a beautiful park at the centre of the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. A little 'gem' of the valley originally built in 1840 and heroically rescued from closure in 2013 when it embarked on a loving and passionate journey of restoration and enhancement under the leadership of the newly formed 'Whitaker Group'. 

Currently run as a 'not-for-profit' community organisation, and supported by a niche inhouse team and some incredible volunteers, The Whitaker continues to be a unique and wonderous place that remains in place for the community, celebrating its amazing heritage and reconnecting it with cultures past and present.

The team pride themselves in doing things a little differently. Choosing to think beyond historic perceptions of museum behaviour and expectations, ensuring the ongoing journey of the Museum is one that is shared with all who visit; making The Whitaker yours to cherish and enjoy for many more years to come.

However despite all the renovation and change, The Whitaker Group are passionate that the aims of the museum remain true to its original 1902 declaration; to educate and enlighten the people of Rossendale, providing a focus for learning and cultural activity into the 21st Century.




Carl Bell
(Managing Director)



Jackie Taylor
(Creative Director)


Julian Williams
(Operations Director)


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