Keeping Your Heritage Alive

Ever since Mr Richard Whitaker purchased the Oak Estate (as it was previously known) in 1896 his sole intention was to establish something unique for the community, an ethos we still passionately advocate to this day. 

We feel extremley lucky to be involved in the ongoing story of The Whitaker and making it a place that people want to return to time and time again. We are proud to be a non-profit organistation making sure that every penny that you spend at the Whitaker goes straight back into keeping your Whitaker Heritage alive, but that comes with a lot of determination and hard work by all involved. 

The Whitaker is a place for the whole community and we emplore everyone who can to get involved and ensure that this special place is still here for future generations to continue to enjoy. 

How can you help?

Simply put, use it or lose it!

Just by visiting you are making a huge difference. Joining us for a bite to eat or a quick coffee; letting us host your special event or party, or hiring the facilities for a community group or meeting all goes a long way, but if you are able and willing there is more you can do.

Did you know we currently have a number of amazing volunteers and supporters who donate their time and/or services to The Whitaker, without whom it would be near impossible to keep doing what we do. This generosity helps cover a number of different aspects from General Admin and Maintenance, to Marketing and Design throughout the Museum and its facilities. 

If you would like to get involved and be part of the wider Whitaker Community get in touch and talk to us about how you can help. 


 Illustration by Caroline Johnson (Whitaker Supporter and Contributor)


Photograph by Andrew Farrington (Whitaker Supporter & Contributor)

Make a Donation

Making a donation big or small, time or money to The Whitaker helps us to be able to restore and maintain not only the house and its services but also the vast art collections and exhibitions we currently hold.

Paintings or exhibits that have over time become damaged, worn or faded as they have aged, as well as the accumilation of dirt over the years so they no longer appear in their original glorious condition all need special care and treatment to keep them looking their best. As and when we have available funds we do all we can to ensure that new pieces are restored and put back on display for the public to enjoy.

If you are able to donate or would consider fundraising on behalf of The Whitaker then please contact us so we can discuss it in more detail, all efforts are hugely appreciated and humbly taken.

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