A Few Words & Accolades

“There is something for everyone at the museum and in the park whatever your interests. It is a welcoming place whether you are in company or alone. It can be a place of fun or quiet reflection and it is 'ours' a little gem in a beautiful valley”


“A buzz but not a racket. Spaces for contemplation and conversation.”


“The ambience of the museum/gallery - The decor is amazing - The wonderful mix and match of ultra-modern with the original museum is astonishing - The quality, presentation and fantastic range of changing Art Exhibitions/talks are life enhancing- The friendly, caring and efficient staff - The quality of the food- I am always surprised and uplifted when I visit the Whitaker. I can't believe we have something as wonderful as this outside London.”


“I always feel welcome and feel encouraged to join with whatever is going on at the time. Everybody seems to be there to enjoy themselves and the place doesn’t take itself too seriously unlike some museums.”


“It draws you in, facilitates curiosity, entices, amuses and intrigues”










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