Why 'Film Night' at The Whitaker isn't just a trip to the Movies.

Our High Street cinemas today offer us the best, and some of the worst, Hollywood has to offer. 

Film Night at the Whitaker

Every year we are dazzled with star studded cinema, big blockbuster action, scares, laughs and a few tears. There is something for everyone, and the many different films can offer an experience that stays with you, challenges you, or simply just entertains you. 

But this is just half of the story.

There are thousands of films made every year around the world that don’t make it across the shores. As well as many that are made independently of the dominant film studios.

With limited space in cinemas it’s very difficult for these smaller, and foreign films to compete with Hollywood and make it to our screens. Cinemas need to sell tickets and it is Hollywood that brings in the audiences on mass. 

Here at The Whitaker we want to give these films a space. 

They may not have familiar faces, or a budget that allows for big stunts and special effects, but they do offer something different. They offer a different style of filmmaking, stories we don’t see on our screen, and often a more intimate experience. 

Every year we carefully create a season of films that provoke, that question, and puts you firmly in the place of others. We strive to show you the experiences of those that we don’t usually see on the big screen, and take a look back at the films that have stood the test of time and become important in film history.

It is in our hope that after you watch a film with us you leave having seen something new, learnt something new, and felt something new.

This season our films are:

Bicycle Thieves (circle).png

Bicycle Thieves - Oct 18

Routinely voted one of the greatest of all time, this 1948 film is a simple, powerful film about a man who needs a job and has his bike stolen. Avoiding sentimentality, it is a must-see classic that has retained all of its power. 

In Between (circle).png

Part of a new wave of realist Palestinian cinema, a thrumming soundtrack from Palestinian hip-hop artists DAM provides a heady backdrop to the alternative city lifestyle as we see the three young flatsharers caught in between modern life in the city and their traditional values.

Loving Vincent (circle).png

Loving Vincent - Dec 20

A feature-length painted animation - the first film of its kind - which explores the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh via depictions of his artworks.

Kino Film (circle).png

Kino Festival on Tour (Kino Shorts) - Jan 17

Back by popular demand, Manchester International Short Film Festival presents an excellent programme of UK and International short films that scooped the awards at this year's Festival.

Ladybird (circle).png

Ladybird - Feb 21

Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf are electric in Ladybird as a warring teenage daughter and mother in Greta Gerwig’s beautifully observed coming of age comedy-drama.

Custody (circle).png

Custody - Mar 21

This French film is a devastating low key, high impact study of domestic abuse which garnered rave reviews upon its release.

Faces Places (circle).png

Faces Places - Apr 18

A funny, moving and multi-layered film - two kindred spirits from different generations explore the French countryside in a camera van, taking photos of the people they meet.

Aquarius (circle).png

Aquarius - May 16

An eloquent saga from Brazil following Clara, the last resident of the Aquarius building who is determined not to lose her home and is prepared to fight.


The Nile Hilton Incident - Jun 20

A cracking Cairo thriller set against the backdrop of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. 

We screen a different film every third Thursday of the month, from September through to June at just £6.50pp. We also offer an early bird, two course dinner before each screening at 6:30pm for just £13.50pp, booking is essential.

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