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60s Fashion and its Origins in Subcultures

At The Whitaker, we’ve been looking at all the ways that the 60s changed the lives of those in the valley at the time, including music, food and nostalgic stories.

A highly influential part of this era were the fashions, which were usually driven by the prevalence of youth culture. In this post, we’ll be discussing those subcultures that sprung up over the decade and the trends that they created.

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Object Lessons: An exploration of the collection at the Whitaker

So far we have seen Haslingden lad Fred Grimshaw join the East Lancs Volunteers in 1900 and become part of the war effort in South Africa. Now 21 years old, he appears to have taken being badly let down by officers, getting lost a lot and enduring tough support duties in harsh conditions in a very matter of fact manner.

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