The Whitaker Cinémathéque



Welcome to The Whitaker Film Club, your one stop place for all things film here at the Whitaker.

By becoming a film club member you can now access our exclusive film club benefits, which are;

  • Reserved priority front seating

  • Priority booking for ‘Early Bird’ pre-film dining

  • Early ‘reduced rate’ booking for special screenings

  • Earn Loyalty rewards for film reviews, ‘Early Bird’ food bookings & introduce a friend to redeem at the Whitaker

  • Q&A with Film Director & Actor for select films

 But it doesn’t just stop there.

This year we have developed a space to allow all our members to discuss the films we screen and beyond.

Before each screening we will share with you reviews, blogs, a directors profile and fun facts about the film.

Then to continue the experience we will share prompt questions to open up discussion between members as well as share recommendations for films you might also enjoy.

At all times we encourage you to share all things film, other film recommendations, film news, as well as your feedback on all screenings. We want to create with you an ongoing discussion so that your evening doesn’t just end when the film does.


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