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Artist in Residence

Resident magical explorer – Professor Jigget.

Many a magical explorer and curious adventurer have made their home within the Coach House at The Whitaker. Each one on a mission of discovery, and its current inhabitant is no exception.

Professor Jigget arrived at the Coach House to study and document the mysterious Faerie Folk of the surrounding park and gardens. And this he has done! But, when the time came for him to leave, the Professor found that he couldn’t.

There was something special about The Whitaker that made him want to stay. It was a curious kind of place. Filled with questions to be asked, problems to be solved, things to create and places to play. And so, the Prof. stayed and now invites you to help him in his investigations and explorations.

The question is… are you curious enough to join him?.


Resident magical explorer – Professor Jigget – opens the doors to his Coach House for a day of ridiculous investigation and playful exploration. Each week brings a new set of challenges and questions to Explore!.

Professor Jigget
Fantastical Field Notes

Dear Explorer/Adventurer/Curious Wanderer,

Here’s what you need to know… In 1901 Richard Whitaker gave the people of Rossendale a park. Lovely stuff!

But! Unbeknownst to him, he also created a safe haven for the local Faerie Folk of the valley. And, soon enough, the Fay, the Fair Folk, The Hidden People, all made their way to Whitaker Park – to move in and call it home!

And then I came to study them.

Which I’ve bloomin’ well done thank you very much!

In fact, you can still find the recordings of my Fantastical Field Notes out in the park. All you must do is:

  • FOLLOW this map,
  • LISTEN to the Fantastical Field Note,

and then LOOK for what I have found. Will you see what I saw? Will you find the magic in the Park? Only one way to find out! Go and explore!

Good luck.
Professor Jigget

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Professor Jigget Activities

Activities at The Whitaker

Explore! Do objects tell stories?

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Activities at The Whitaker

Explore! Map Monsters

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Activities at The Whitaker

Explore! Shadows!

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Activities at The Whitaker

Explore! Where’s my art?!?!

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