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Exhibition: Cubic Rhythms by David Burrow

Cubic Rhythm by David Burrow

Join us for our new exhibition opening Saturday 9th December from 10am.

Cubic Rhythms by David Burrow brings together original artwork depicting musical instruments.

Manufacturing musical instruments has been spanning many centuries. Therefore the various shapes and structures employed have an erstwhile, great longevity.  The experience and skill of creating great objects that make a beautiful sound, thereby by virtue of the same principles, give superbly aesthetic harmony and beauty of appearance.
— David Burrow

Cubic Rhythms is a blending of new and old original art to stimulate our senses and open our ears and eyes to the beauty around us.

About The Artist 

Born in 1945, a week after the end of the Second World War. 

During the 1960s David embarked on his career as an artist, first learning through copying holiday brochures and later studying at Preston School of Art, where he received a thorough grounding in the discipline of life drawing that forms the basis of his work today.  Later, he studied at both Exeter and Liverpool but found Preston to be his favourite of the three colleges.  After leaving college he began to paint in pastel, returning to travel brochures for inspiration and to aid in the development of his own distinctive style, influenced by research of artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. 

He never married, but found devotion and surrendered to his art, and an inner creative world. In solitude his creativity continues to blossom and his profound thinking flourishes. 

He abhor's the permissive society that has brought only derision and decay.  An equally profound thinker to him states ‘Liberty without wisdom and virtue is the greatest of all evils’.  

Cubism is his passion, and is instantly recognisable by the angular lines, geometric shapes and two-dimensional forms, that make up the composition.  He chiefly employs Cubist fundamentals which obey the common rules of Cubism while allowing the imagination to ‘run amok in an orgy of colour’ which is certainly evident in all his paintings. A prolific painter, finding more commercial success, especially in recent years, but with a main aim to carry Cubism further. 

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