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Cathy Crabb's: 'The Bubbler'

The Bubbler Cathy Crabb

We’re delighted to announce that Cathy Crabb’s critically acclaimed play will be coming back to the Whitaker this May.

Nominated in 2011 for Manchester Theatre's Best Fringe Production following performances at The Lowry's Re:Play this brilliant play is a must see that quickly sells out.

Based on Satan's fall from grace in ‘Paradise Lost’, the play began life as part of Scroats From The Underground; a response to the vitriol aimed at young working-class men during the summer riots of 2011. In a world where art is seen as frivolous and greed is encouraged, happiness and unhappiness collide - and bar-staff bear the brunt.

The story is of embittered Cash Generator boss Peter, and his opinionated battle of wills with easy-going everyman bartender, Paul, fought out over the morals and motives of absent regular, Tony Rabonni - a kind and creative soul who, much to Peter's disgust, appears to be an all-round great guy.

With an eye wateringly powerful performance, that will leave you catching your breath, Neil Bell gives us the 'perfect depiction of a right-wing-tabloid reading, acrimonious pub bore', an ‘absolutely watchable monster of a man'.

Guests will also enjoy new adaptations to reference our current political climate, something we can all take great joy in!

Show Dates

Thursday 23rd May


Friday 24th May

Arrive by

7pm for Food service

Play Starts


Ticket cost

£20 per person

Hot food is included in the ticket price and served at 7pm in the bar

Written by Cathy Crabb (Beautiful House - Library Theatre, The Enough Project - The Lowry) and featuring Neil Bell (Peaky Blinders, Dead Man's Shoes) and Daniel Street-Brown (The Light, Some Men) the piece is produced by Adrian Turrell-Watts (Floating - Lives of Others, Wolf Red - Tmesis) and directed by Benedict Power (Temp/Casual - Contact, Two - NW Tour).